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  Robin Wilson      
Robin has over 22 years of experience helping businesses develop their primary resource: their people. She founded Reach and Achieve Associates, a performance and development coaching and training firm, in 1997. Robin's passion lies in helping individuals and teams evolve professionally. Her programs result in developing, supporting and maximizing the people resource of an organization.

Robin has coached individuals and teams on leadership, group development, communication, and performance-related issues. Results include improved flow of communication, measurable increased efficiencies, greater buy-in and increased profits. Robin has been trained through the Coach Training Institute and The B-Coach Leadership Program.

Robin has designed, developed and delivered innovative Training and Development programs for government agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations. Training programs she has personally developed and coached include: "Creating a Strategic Intention System", "Coaching Skills for Leaders and Sales Staff", "Leadership Development", "Achieving Success through Effective Listening", "Communication and Interpersonal Skills and Creating Successful Innovative Teams". Robin has facilitated presentations with groups of 150 or more, and has been a guest speaker for several well-known organizations, including the New York State Conference of Mayors, The Governor's Office of Employee Relations, and the New York State Society of Medical Assistants Annual Convention.

Robin believes self-awareness is a key ingredient for change. She utilizes various assessments such as the DiSC, Myers Briggs, Emotional Intelligence 360, Reis Profile, and the Management Development Inventory (360). Robin understands that by creating clarity of intention, guiding decisions made throughout the organization can be more gracefully shared and implemented.

She recently co-authored the book Maximize Your Mind: Peak Your Potential: 100+ Ways to Boost Your Brain and Achieve Your Goals. Robin's article on "Ethics in Sales" was published in the HRDQ press. In addition, she was the publisher of the newsletter Success Strategies.

Robin earned her bachelor's degree in Human Behavior and Motivation at University of Rochester. She is currently completing her master's certification.


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