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Knowledge Process Outsourcing
Executive Search Consulting
• New Business Startups
• Adaptive Business Design
• Strategic Alliance Development
• Market Development
• Marketplace Analysis &
• Customer Base Segmentation
• New Customer Acquisition

• Acquisition Research & Planning
• Business Turnaround Projects
• Unlocking Hidden Capital
• Business Brokering
• Corporate Board Memberships
• Customer Experience Design

• Innovation Management
• Third-Party Billing Service
• Strategic Planning
Grant Application Assistance

Profit Recovery &
   Cash Flow Improvement

International Business Development
• e-Learning Strategies
• Ideation & Review Panels
• Go-to-Market Strategies
• Sales Team Development & Training
• Successful Boardroom Selling
• Sales Leadership
• Workshop Facilitation
• ROI Modeling & Cost Justification
• Business Case Development
Pricing Management &
   Profit Optimization

• Web-Enabled Business Transformation
Six Sigma Process Management
• Workforce Change Management
• Vendor Evaluations & Software Selection
• IT Strategies
• Executive Coaching

Executive Search Consulting
Tired of placing ads and hoping to find "A Players" to add to your team? Too busy to focus your time and efforts on courting the right executive and management candidates? Worried that you will not find the right candidates in time to support your growth strategy? Concerned that your competition might get to those people before you can identify and talk with them? Looking for an affordable “pay when you hire” contingency OR exclusive retainer agreement with a reputable firm that has over 150 offices nationwide?

Let us take the time to understand your needs and introduce you to our global recruiting network, a powerful Alliance Partner.

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Knowledge Process Outsourcing
Tired of paying big bucks to traditional domestic market research consulting boutiques for external projects? Frustrated with the depth, reach and capabilities of your internal team? Interested in affordable and timely offshore support in Business Research, Market Research, Data Analysis, Internal Research, Intellectual Property, or Deep Industry Expertise? Need to know more about your market, competition, customer base, potential patent infringements, etc.? Ready to hook up with the global firm that coined the phrase "KPO"?

Let us introduce you to our global Alliance Partner, THE world leader in Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

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Profit Recovery & Cash Flow Improvement
Regardless of your size or type of organization, is it time to outsource part or all of your collection process diplomatically and effectively— without losing control of your business or customer relations— in order to save money and increase productivity?  Want to free-up more time for your staff to dedicate to the core business?  Should you let experienced bonded specialists lend a hand in order to boost your cash flow and profits?  Is your business losing more money than it should— or simply not collecting enough for services or products already delivered and billed?  How substantial were your write-offs last year— and could you prove due diligence in your collection efforts in the event of an audit?  Are you overspending on internal collection activities— and are those activities as efficient as they could be?  Or are you allowing old processes and collection personnel to dictate policy?  What would you pay for a series of five diplomatic first-class, third-party letters, including a Thank You letter— designed and tested by a team of legal and psychological professionals that guarantees their results— and endorsed by over sixty well-known professional associations in the US?  Want to learn how to collect more of what's already owed to you by diplomatically adjusting your customers' behavior and perspective— while actually increasing customer retention?

Through our business partner Transworld Systems, with over 160 offices nationwide, let us show you how to improve your profitability and cash flow through a successful, established, and diplomatic web-enabled program combining outsourcing, early intervention, and pre-collection efforts— with detailed real-time reports… for a low flat one-time fee (between $8.25 and $12.25 per slow-paying customer account, depending on volume)! Find out what thousands of successful businesses, organizations, and institutions nationwide already know, including:

• Medical Practices
• Banks
• Credit Unions
• Insurance Companies
• Law Firms
• Accounting Firms
• Colleges and Universities
• Hospitals and Nursing Homes
• Manufacturers
• Retailers
• Wholesalers & Distributors
• Service Firms
• Hotels and Real Estate Management Firms
• Newspapers, Magazines, Publishers, & TV Stations
• Communication & Utility Companies
• Municipal Governments
• … and many others

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Third-Party Billing Service
You probably did not go into business so your staff could spend more time generating, stuffing, and mailing out bills and statements, right? Is your company spending a large amount of time and effort to keep this part of the business up-to-date? Do your statements and bills look as good as they should? Are the timing, accuracy, and internal cost of this operation under control? Would you like your internal staff to have more time to dedicate to other matters, without losing control? Do you ever wonder how some of the best companies across the United States address this area of their back-office operations? Would it surprise you to learn that many rely on an outside provider? And that they love the detailed online reporting and convenience of this service?

Let us help you improve the way your company does its billing-by outsourcing it to our Alliance Partner, who specializes in third-party billing services nationwide. Call us for an introduction, as well as for most favorable pricing.

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Strategic Planning
Is your organization operationally effective but lacking vision?  Ever wonder how large or successful your firm could be a year from now?  Five years from now?  What shifts in the marketplace might blindside you if you are not ready for them?  Do you have a flexible strategic plan or vision for your firmís future?  Are you are too reactive, and not proactive enough in steering your company?  When sudden changes in your marketplace require you to adjust your strategy, how confident are you in your planning and related decisions?  How well do your board, investors, or stockholders understand the companyís strategy?  Is it communicated properly?  Does it adequately address all vital aspects of the marketplace (customers, competitors, complementors, suppliers, employees, vendors, alliance partners, products/services, software, technology, etc.)?  What is the right mix of funding and effort to invest in advertising, PR, marketing, and employee development?  Do your employees really know your key customers?   Are you making the best possible use of resources?  Are your people learning effectively enough to perform their jobs the way you want them to?  How happy, productive, and well compensated are your employees?

Let us help you formulate or adjust your strategy to avoid key pitfalls and be flexible enough to position you, your senior management, and your firm for ongoing success.

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New Business Startups
What are your competitive differentiators?  Your weaknesses?  What is your market niche?  Who is your competition?  Who will it be tomorrow?  What core products or services will you offer to the marketplace?  Who will your customers be?  What target customer segments will be most profitable?  Which ones will need the most attention?  Why?  How will you provide that attention when you have so much else to do?  Where will get your startup funding and operating revenue?  How much will you invest to gain each new customer?  To keep them?  When and where is it right to advertise?  Do you have a Business Plan?  What resources will you need in order to get your business launched?  What do you need in order to be able to grow it in its second year?  What will your overhead burn-rate be?

Let us help you to launch your new business in the best way possible, and to avoid many common pitfalls.

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Adaptive* Business Design:
Becoming a Sense and Respond Organization
Is your annual plan obsolete by the end of the first quarter?  Is your response time to change crippling your growth and competitiveness?  Has innovation and creativity replaced efficiency as the basis for competitive advantage in your industry?  Are you less and less confident that you can predict what your customers want, and what capabilities will be most important in the next year or two?  Are you unable to integrate partners and suppliers dynamically and seamlessly into your value proposition?

Let us help you transform your company — or your part of the company — into a sense-and-respond organization that systematically knows earlier and reacts faster than your competitors to what customers want now.

* "Adaptive Enterprise": Creating and leading "sense and respond" organizations requires a nimble and flexible workforce.  Because of the inherent unpredictability in what your customers will actually need, combined with the uncertainty in today's marketplaces, it is often difficult to anticipate customer needs and requests in advance.  Your organizational agility can be heightened with the adoption of a framework designed to better leverage your strengths and capabilities.  A "Make and Sell" company can become more profitable and productive if it can transform itself into a "Sense and Respond" model.  Sense and Respond firms operate from a "Customer Back", not a "Firm Forward" model.  This is in much the same way that a cab company is able to send extra cabs to a big evening event via special routes, but a bus company can only anticipate general traffic patterns and volumes when it plans its routes well in advance.  (Adaptive Enterprise: Creating and Leading Sense-And-Respond Organizations, Steve Haeckel, Harvard Business School Press, 1999, www.senseandrespond.com).

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Strategic Alliance Development
What other companies out there might have compatible products or services?  Which of these firms are most compatible with you?  Why?  How should you approach such companies to discuss potential alliances?  How much about your business should you tell them in order to get their interest?  What if they take your idea to your competitors for an alliance?  What type of contractual framework will be needed in order to have productive discussions and launch a successful alliance?  How will the two cultures of the alliance partners be leveraged for best advantage in the marketplace (and minimum friction)?  How long should the alliance last?  How will you know that it is successful?  How will the alliance be maintained and monitored?  What resources and effort will it take to maintain the alliance?  What should each alliance partner contribute to the alliance to launch, maintain, or grow it?  Which products or services from both firms are most important to the alliance?  Why?  How should joint offerings be packaged, priced, and marketed?  How, when, and why should an alliance be terminated?

Let us help you to define potential alliance partners, enter into negotiations with them, and launch/maintain successful alliances in your marketplace in order to drive away competitive threats.

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Market Development
What new products or services do you have that might be better positioned across existing or new customer segments?  How can your firm break into new markets where it is not currently a dominant player?  How can you team with alliance partners to introduce new product or service offerings that could edge out the competition?  Where( and how) can you mitigate and reverse market share erosion?  Where can you mitigate and reverse market share erosion?

Let us help you to be the first to identify, understand, and exploit emerging market opportunities.

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Marketplace Analysis & Positioning
Where does your company fit into the current marketplace?  Where do your customers think you fit in?  Your competitors?  In what direction are you now moving?  What perceptions do other market players have of your firm?  Where do you see yourselves relative to other players?  Where would you like to see yourselves a year from now?  What steps can you take to improve your position in the marketplace?

Let us help you to improve your marketplace position via incremental progress and careful brand management.

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Customer Base Segmentation
How well do you really know your customer base? What categories do your current customers fit into? What is the best way to categorize them? Which customer segments are most profitable, and why? Which are most expensive to maintain, and why? How can you be sure you are going after (or working effectively to keep) the right customers? Which customers might it be better to de-emphasize or charge more for your support, and why? What trends (competition, technology, globalization, customers, etc.) are currently impacting your position in the market? What new trends might change the way you see or treat certain customer segments? What new trends might cause you to target entire new customer segments? 

Let us help you to better understand your customer base, and to target them for new sales and marketing strategies.

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New Customer Acquisition
How much new business can you afford to ignore?  Which new customers should you be wooing?  What are their pain points and hot buttons, and why?  How can your products and services better help them to solve their business problems?  What is the best way to get that message to them?  How can you ensure that your marketing message is different (and better!) then your competitorsí?  When will new products or services make a difference?  How can you differentiate yourself from the competition when selling to a new target customer?

Let us help you develop an effective market message, know which customer segments to target, and work smart instead of hard to win new business.

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Acquisition Research & Planning
When and why does it make sense to acquire a competitor?  A complementor?  A supplier?  If you decide to do so, how much should you pay, and how should the deal be structured?  How quickly can it be done?  How can you be sure they will they be accurately valued, and not overvalued?  How can you make YOUR firm a more attractive acquisition target?  Which competitors or suppliers could poison your firm if you were to acquire them?  Which of them are the best fit, and why?  Which firms have the most complementary product or service fit with your company?  When might it be possible to acquire just that part of a target firm that you really need?  How should the negotiations be handled?  What is the best way to approach the acquisition target and begin a courtship?  When and how could/should you force them to fit into your acquisition plans?

Let us help you to discreetly explore the various acquisition options without tipping your hand in the marketplace, or ending up with the wrong acquisition target.

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Business Turnaround Projects
Is your business (or one in which you are heavily invested) stumbling? Are you seeking financing but having a hard time convincing or finding investors? Is it time to reorganize, downsize, or outsource some of your work force? Replace key management? Need an Interim Manager (or Interim Team) to help run a business? Is it time to sell certain subsidiaries? Thinking of initiating a leveraged buy-out?

Let us help you plan, launch, or staff your business turnaround engagement quickly and effectively, before it is too late!

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Unlocking Hidden Capital
Do you know that you may have capital locked up in your business? Do you know that this capital can be hidden in many different locations? Do you know that most owners and managers have no idea where this capital is hidden? Do you know that most owners and managers don't know how to unlock this capital even if they find it? Do you know that carrying hidden capital can be as costly as servicing your current loans? 

Let us help you analyze your business and unlock hidden capital.  Leveraging your hidden capital can be the same as getting a FREE LOAN.

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Business Brokering
Are you an entrepreneur or venture capitalist looking for a business to purchase?  Are you a business owner with a business (or portion of a business) to sell?  What business purchase would be the best fit for you, and why?  How can you be confident you are buying/selling a business for the best price?  What creative deal points will ensure success?  What give-to-get value propositions will position you as the most favored buyer/seller?  What are some compelling ways to motivate and expedite others involved in the transaction?

Let us help you to purchase a business anywhere in the United States, or to sell your current business to the most qualified and well-funded buyer.

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Corporate Board Memberships
Looking for the right addition to your corporate board?  Not sure where to find him or her?  What type of advisors might fit best with your company, and with your other board members?  What background, contacts, skills, philosophy, personality, and affiliations might they possess that could work to your advantage?

Let us help you find excellent qualified candidates nationwide to serve your corporation as board members.

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Customer Experience Design
Have you ever wondered what customers think and feel while interacting with your company? Do you agree with 85% of business leaders who believe they need to connect emotionally with customers to win loyalty? Are you meeting your customersí emotional expectations? Is the branded experience you offer relevant to them? What about to your employees? Do you suspect that the various departments in your organization, while optimizing, are doing so at the expense of your own customers?

Let us come in and see your company as your customers do, or participate in that experience with you, then share some ideas on what to do to create the vision, alignment, and operational excellence necessary to sustain competitive advantage on the front lines.

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Ideation & Review Panels
Are you up against a considered decision? One that you believe is critical yet one you havenít faced before?  Chances are, one or more of our coaches have. 

Let us think with you and inject some new ideasóor help you understand/review the ones you have.

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Innovation Management
Is new service or product innovation in your company painful? Does it fail to provide you with sustainable advantage or differentiation? Do you feel that your product line is growing stale but you just cannot get your people fired up about creating new products or improving the existing ones? Most of the great ideas you need are probably already inside the heads of your employees. After all, they're on the front lines everyday-and that's where the highest value, easiest to implement ideas often occur.

Let us explore those ideas with you, define them, set-up an Innovation Initiative within your company to get the creative juices flowing, then develop actionable business plans that turn those new ideas into new products. (Business Coaches are almost always more effective at this than internal staff members!) Then take innovation at your firm to a whole new level by teaming with GEN3 Partners (www.gen3.com), an Alliance Partner whose team of expert innovation engineers will guarantee results while you keep the patent.

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Grant Application Assistance
Do you know what grant money is available for businesses like yours? Do you know how to access it? Have you started working on a grant application but gotten overwhelmed or confused by the amount of paperwork? Think you're too small (or large) to receive grant money? Do you need assistance or research in developing your application for a grant? What are the best ways to describe your business, capabilities, products/services, marketplace position, vision, and growth prospects?

Let us help you locate, research and apply for grant money that may help to offset some of your costs — we have experienced grant writers to assist as your business evolves.

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International Business Development
Are you taking FULL advantage of the global economy? Do you know exactly where your product or service is in demand outside the US right now? Are your ongoing international business ventures not as profitable as you would like? Are you worried about choosing representatives abroad, signing agreements with off-shore companies, running afoul of foreign laws, or violating the foreign corrupt practices act (and maybe personally having to go to jail— it happens)? Are your business development people and senior staff uneasy with the customs and courtesies of perspective or existing foreign clients? Need help to access potential offshore markets for your products and services, select sales representatives, and craft solid plans for business and product development? Need to get your people completely comfortable with international business etiquette for meetings, dining out, meeting and greeting, and business communications?

Let our staff help you successfully export your products and services (or import key products) so your business can secure a profitable, sustainable international revenue stream.

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e-Learning Strategies
Can you afford to keep sending your people to instructor-led classes and seminars?  Do you have enough bandwidth and an adequate pipeline to get your employees, students, or administration the e-Learning content they need?  Will your IT infrastructure be flexible enough as new content, hardware, software, employees, and subsidiaries are acquired?  Where can you find new e-Learning content that is best for your peoplesí needs?  How can you repurpose your existing content to evolve with you?  Who can you rely on to develop custom content for your company?

Let us help you navigate a successful course through these and many other related issues.

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Go-to-Market Strategies
What does a GTM Strategy look like?  Why do you need one?  What is your overall GTM strategy?  Should you have sub-strategies for various products or services?    How is your GTM strategy maintained?  How do you know if/when it is effective?  When should your GTM Strategy be modified or completely rewritten?  Which market segments should you be targeting for new products or services?  Where should you be bundling various products or services?  Where should you be phasing out certain products or services?

Let us help you to develop a basic Go-To-Market Strategy framework followed by a complete GTM Strategy before your competitors out-position you in YOUR marketplace.

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Sales Team Development & Training
How effective is your sales team?  Are they all adequately trained on your latest products and services?  What are their greatest strengths and weaknesses?  To what customers can they sell most effectively?  Least effectively?  Why?  How well do you measure their progress and success?  How well to they communicate with each other and with you?  Are they being adequately compensated?  Which ones do you need to protect and keep from going to your competition?

Let us help you build a better sales force, and improve the way your sales team thinks about your marketplace, their customers, your firm, and the competition.

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Successful Boardroom Selling
Ever wonder why the perfect message was not well received by your customer?  Ever puzzle over what the next move should be in a complex or long sales cycle?  Where is the best place to begin when targeting a client for a specific message?  Why?  Did you establish enough support for your idea before you delivered it to the top of the org chart?  What specific pain-points does your solution help your customer to overcome?  Which pain-points are most important to the different members of your customerís senior management team?  Why?  How can you be sure that a successful give-to-get value proposition is delivered to each person in the boardroom?  And that your pricing or payment structure will be well-received?  How can you make them perceive you as more than just another vendor with something to sell?  How can you prove to your customer that you can play an active longer-term role in the success of their business?

Let us show you how to differentiate your firm from the competition with value propositions that hit the boardroom bullís eye each time.

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Sales Leadership
Is your sales leadership properly motivating your sales force?  Are the right messages being sent to potential customers?  Which customers are your sales force tracking and going after, and why?  Which products or services are they pushing or bundling, and why?  In which situations might your sales leaders accidentally be giving their sales team bad advice?  Does your sales team have results of the latest market research, and are they using it properly?  How well are marketing decisions being communicated to the sales force?  Do you have a good sales force retention strategy, to keep them from going to your competition?

Let us help get your sales team back on track with the direction in which your company is evolving, to follow or make the market.

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Workshop Facilitation
Do your managers have good ideas about your business but disagree on which ones to implement, or how to get them done?  Do your planning sessions run out of gas or end up as gripe sessions?  Do they sometimes lack focus or get derailed by tangential discussions?  Do you ever get the feeling that your management team is not sharing their best ideas with you?  How can they more effectively air their thoughts and suggestions in a constructive and open forum?

Let us help you coordinate and facilitate effective and productive planning workshops or planning sessions for your management team, while theyíre still talking to one another.

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ROI Modeling & Cost Justification
Have you properly estimated the potential new revenue or cost savings a particular investment will generate?  Have you chosen the right optimistic, realistic, and pessimistic return-on-investment scenarios that could occur?  Have you foreseen all of the necessary expenses related to the investment?  Have you properly identified all of the long- and short-term benefits, both hard and soft, that could result?  Have you established adequate metrics to be able to track your progress and success after the investment is made?  Do you have the necessary accountability and controls in place with your manager(s) who will implement the new solution(s)?  Will you know when there is still time to pull the plug on an unsuccessful investment?  Or to invest more to get to the next phase?

Let us help you to estimate the related revenue, cost savings, and expenses associated with a major investment well before you need to launch it.

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Pricing Management & Profit Optimization
Are you charging the best possible prices for your services and products? In each case, what IS the optimal price? Are you limiting the amount of costs incurred or leakage that detract from margin? Want to win more deals by being more efficient at getting quotes out quickly? Are you winning the most possible deals? Are you getting more clients to pay the highest prices at the highest margins? Want to know how to get your clients to fulfill more of their contract commitments? Do you have a centralized or center-led pricing strategy, or does each Line-Of-Business or department set its own prices?

Let us introduce you to a leading nationwide Alliance Partner in this field—while price has long been the most powerful profit lever executives can pull, the challenges around price planning and management still keep many from achieving maximum value from pricing initiatives.

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Business Case Development
Have a great new company, idea, product, or service?  Need to fund, develop, launch, or rejuvenate it?  Worried about just how to package it all to sell others on it?  Or to obtain investors?  Need to cost-justify it for your board of senior management?  What is the best way to describe the benefits and/or value(s)?  What will the revenue, savings, or other business advantages look like over one, three, or five years?  Worried that your team may not have the competitive intelligence it needs to compete successfully?  Worried that your only chance to sell or defend your idea may not be well received?

Let us help you to develop a professional, detailed, and robust business case that will impress others and get you the results you need.

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Web-Enabled Business Transformation
Are you taking full advantage of the Internet to streamline or improve your internal operations and related processes? For working with external customers, suppliers, and vendors?  How can you trim your current budget, improve productivity, and reduce turnaround time on key tasks?  (Click here to learn more about Web-Enabled Business Transformation.)

Let us help you redesign and web-enable core business processes before you spend more time and money simply trying to fix them.

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Six Sigma Process Management

Is your high product cost impacting your competitive position? Are you facing embarrassing product recalls or liability litigation? Are you losing market share? Do you need to lower your inventories by an order of magnitude, dramatically reduce your shop floor space, or shrink your internal waste? Do your product designs represent yesterday's technology?

"Six Sigma" is a quantitative process management methodology which achieves a systematic convergence to a predictable, near-perfect level of performance.  Its two specific forms of deployment are:

1.  Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) performance, following one of the two popular design sequences:
               a.  Define-Measure-Analyze-Design-Verify (DMADV), or,
               b.  Identify-Design-Optimize-Verify (IDOV)

2.  Process Improvement, comprising the Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) phases.

Driven by customer needs and expectations, Six Sigma performance goals represent a quantified level of customer satisfaction.  These "external" performance goals are linked with mandatory "internal" financial gains, which make Six Sigma a prime instrument of senior business management.

In that it promotes relentless, continuous progress toward perfection, Six Sigma is also a management philosophy which provides the vision that leads to enterprise strategic planning.

Let us help you deploy Six Sigma systematically and successfully throughout your organization.

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Workforce Change Management
How nimble and agile is your organization?  How well does it recognize, leverage, and improve its strengths?  How quickly can it react to unpredictable customer demands in a changing marketplace?  How efficiently can your people react to various customers simultaneously in a volatile marketplace to form multiple virtual teams that will satisfy and delight your customers?  (Click here to learn more about developing an Adaptive Enterprise.)

Let us help you to make your workforce more adaptive and flexible, to grow your customer base and/or prevent it from eroding.

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Vendor Evaluation & Software Selection
Why is your current software solution unable to keep pace with your changing needs?  What are your companyís core and peripheral business requirements?  What is the best way to identify, categorize, and prioritize your business requirements when shopping for new software or IT support?  How can you involve the end-users more effectively in the process of replacing their software, but still have them do their regular jobs?  What vendors are the best fit for your company today?  A year from now?  Why?  Which ones can be trusted to support your unique needs?

Let us help you find the best software and IT solutions for your firm, based on YOUR unique needs.

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IT Strategies
What does your IT strategy look like?  How often should it be revisited and validated?  When is it better to lease than acquire hardware?  When might IT outsourcing look more profitable than in-house IT support?  What is the best IT architecture for your firm, over the next five years, and why?  What important software decisions will you be making over the next year, and are they optimal for your hardware platform?  How good is your IT support?  Might different groups and teams within your company benefit from separate IT support strategies?

Let us help you to determine new ways to save money and improve IT support for your end users.

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Executive Coaching
Have you ever struggled with or second-guessed key strategic decisions? Need an independent, discreet, and knowledgeable source for advice, counseling, or new ideas? What business challenges are keeping you awake at night? Is your board losing confidence in your senior management team? Are your managers grumbling or pushing you in new directions that make you uncomfortable? What new books, seminars, magazines or newsletters might make sense for you on a just-in-time and just-enough basis? How good are you at setting goals, maintaining momentum, and attaining your objectives? Think you could be managing your time more effectively? 

Let us serve as a sounding board and touch-stone for your concerns, new ideas, problems, stretch challenges, goal development, business growth, and career advancement.

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