Dan Owen      
Dan is Managing Director of Strategic Business Processes, Inc., a management coaching firm specializing in assisting executives in making more valuable, collaborative strategic decisions. In his more than twenty-five years of coaching experience, he has assisted senior executives in decisions about capital investment, strategy development, mergers and acquisitions, new product development, diversification and portfolio management.

Dan's objective in an engagement is not only to assist in addressing the particular decision at hand, but also to help management assure that good decision making is not episodic, but integral to the management team and the organization as a whole. This objective is accomplished by providing tools and methods for decision making appropriate for a broad set of decisions accompanied by the hands-on application to a decision problem confronting executive management.

Deliverables from Dan's engagements include:
  • More Valuable Decisions in a Changing Environment. In over two-hundred instances the resulting decisions have been 50 to 100% more valuable by the clients' own assessments than what they would have otherwise decided.
  • Insight Into and Understanding of the Critical Sources of Value and Risk. Given the current and prospective environments, business and government must explicitly consider future uncertainties and the possibility of discontinuities as a part of decision making.
  • Enhanced Cross-functional, Cross-business unit and Cross-government Dialogue. Senior executive dialogue and collaboration focused on critical strategic issues is essential to the attainment of a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of the organization. Dan provides a patent-pending framework for dialogue and collaboration among senior executives about strategic issues.

Many of the Fortune 500 clients who use Dan's tools and methods are convinced that improving the quality of and collaboration in executive decision making is a competitive advantage. Underlying these tools and methods is the realization that leveraging the diverse perspectives of experienced executives through collaboration is the key to value creation. Without collaboration, decision-making often becomes an adversarial compromise.

Over the last ten years, more than six thousand people have attended Dan's seminars on strategic decision-making. Dan graduated from the University of Michigan and Carnegie-Melon University. He holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University. He is also a member of the faculty at IBM's Advanced Business Institute.



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