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  Paul N. Hoagland      
Paul has the proven ability to drive change and lead growth for companies of all sizes. He is the founder of AWC Business Coaches (www.bizcoaches.com), a unique business coaching consortium serving clients in various industries. With over 24 years of business development and business coaching experience, Paul has a talent for helping new ventures, growing companies, and individual executives to develop, sell, plan, implement, monitor, and tune strategic and financial solutions, best practices, and business alliances.

Paul specializes in helping clients and business partners to envision their desired future “green field” or turnaround state, then develop an action plan and set measurable goals to attain it. Success is achieved by developing and implementing strategies that leverage the right blend of financial metrics, visioning workshops, market analysis, econometric modeling, alliance development, new marketing collateral, brand positioning, total customer experience engineering, customer-back process redesign, customer / channel / supplier / vendor feedback, business transformation and technology.

As a creative and passionate entrepreneur, Paul has played a leadership role in shaping recent business history:
  • Helped first investment bank in the world to successfully acquire its own securities brokerage firm in the early 80s: streamlined, consolidated, and documented all shared back office processes, including securities processing, clearing, and settlement.
  • Led senior planning teams in the divestiture of the world’s largest telecommunications company, “making ten years of history in one year”: developed 5-year strategy for billing, collections and remittance processing.
  • Spearheaded new securities trading best practices and technologies on Wall Street in mid-80s: introduced new consolidated data sources and decision support analytics for block traders.
  • Helped launch and grow cellular telephone industry in late 80s and early 90s: developed, grew, and managed multi-client billing service bureau, including software development and sales.
  • Worked with renowned thought leaders to develop and evolve Business Reengineering in the early to mid 90s: led process redesign teams for several clients in various industries.
  • Helped world’s largest technology company launch and develop successful services-led consulting practices in mid- to late 90s: including development/training/implementation of Web-Enabled Business Transformation methodology.
  • Spearheading growth for service companies in the new millennium through best practices related to profit improvement: focusing on establishing and monitoring relevant success metrics, outsourcing of back-office processes, and development/implementation of successful Action Plans.

Paul is adept at helping clients, alliance partners, and business partners identify their pain-points, strengths, overlaps, and complementary capabilities-- then quickly recognize, react to, and align with changes in unpredictable marketplaces. He is skillful at identifying, categorizing, and prioritizing business challenges, then developing and implementing the right strategy to help clients reach new levels of success.

Paul has performed in lead roles on strategic coaching engagements and consulting methodology development in multiple industry sectors. He has also served as an executive and principal in market and business development for Lou Gerstner’s IBM and Michael Hammer’s Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).

Paul has excellent collaboration, communication, negotiation, sales, and listening skills. In addition, he has a very high energy level, a results-oriented, bottom-line entrepreneurial personality, and a passion for boardroom problem-solving. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst magna cum laud, and his Master’s degree from Columbia University.



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